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Best Cars for Young Drivers

  You may have seen the recent pictures of 17-year old Brooklyn Beckham learning to drive. Nothing particularly newsworthy in itself.That is, until you see the car he was learning

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Child Minder Wanted

Childminder wanted for Xmas for  2-3 hours on a Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday. After Xmas, candidat must be free to work for 1 full day. Again flexible on those days but

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Bad Driving Habits

Bad Driving Habits  If you hold a full licence, you’ll recognise this feeling; you’ve passed your test and are now a fully-fledged driver! You’re about to thoroughly enjoy the drive

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A light entertainment show for TG4

A light entertainment show for TG4 OPPORTUNITIES A light entertainment show for TG4 8 well known Irish personalities will be taking to the dance floor to show that they are

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