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Attention Latvian Students

The Embassy is organizing or supporting various events throughout a year and we would be happy to invite Latvian students studying in Ireland to these event. If you are interested in

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DCUSU Announces Partnership with Jobbio

It’s a great pleasure to announce our new partnership with Jobbio. This will open DCU students to thousands of new job opportunities over the coming academic year. From part-time roles in

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So I’ve got my CAO Offer - What Happens Now?

Firstly on behalf of DCU Students’ Union, I would like to congratulate you on reaching this juncture in your academic lives. For those of you coming to DCU, the team

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Address of property for rent:34 Woodlands, Rathoath, Co Meath Accommodation Type:digs Living Arrangements:Twin room for 2 people  Description:Twin room for 2 people with breakfast and evening meal, on direct bus

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