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Accomodation 554

Address of property for rent: Claremont Crescent Glasnevin Accommodation Type: House Share Living Arrangements: Double room Description: Single Occupency including breakfast, weekdays only Rent: €120 Contact: Phyllis Sheill 0866885378, or

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Renting - How To Create More Space On a Budget

  It promised a spacious pad with all mod cons, close to amenities. In reality, it’s a miniscule shoebox with a barely working sink, two buses away from the nearest

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Address of property for rent:34 Woodlands, Rathoath, Co Meath Accommodation Type:digs Living Arrangements:Twin room for 2 people  Description:Twin room for 2 people with breakfast and evening meal, on direct bus

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Accommodation Listings

If you are looking for accommodation any listings that we receive will be advertised in the BLOG section of our website. You can search for the listings using the "Accommodation

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