Mathew Davey Vice President for Education and Placement

I’d like to start by just saying a huge thank you to every single person that voted for me. To be part of DCUSU next year is a massive privilege and I look forward to representing you next year as part of the team as VP for Education and Placement. More people than ever voted in the SU Elections and it’s great to see so many people enthusiastic about who represents them, placing a massive responsibility on us, which I am looking forward to and counting down the days until we start.

These are exciting times to be a DCU student. With the university becoming a multi-campus university there has been and will probably continue to be a lot of change, however with change comes potential and myself and the rest of the SU staff from this year and next know what an important job we have to do for the student body to maximise every single person’s experience in DCU. The changes are exciting and none are more exciting than the development of the Student Centre which epitomises the positive changes that are happening.

To everyone in their final year in DCU, I wish you the very best in your final exams, final year projects, placement and in your futures, to all the students coming back again next semester, I’d like to wish you the best of luck in exams, placement or with your assignments and  I look forward to working for and with you in the next college year.

Go néirí an t-adh libh.

M: 086-8223846
T: 01 884 2232