Craig McHugh

Craig McHugh Vice President for Education and Placement

I'm very excited to be part of DCU Students' Union this year. I'm here to assist students with any of their education issues, such as exams, repeats, or extra support outside the classroom. I have a particular remit to assist those students undergoing placement as part of their time here in DCU. So if you're a teacher, nurse, INTRA student or going out on placement and are feeling anxious, need support or advice, having difficulty with your employer , want clarification on your rights at work or just need someone to chat to - my door is always open. Student life can get stressful but the world of the workplace is an entirely new ball game - so whatever the issue is ; get in touch! A problem shared is a problem halved! You can find me Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays in St Pats Campus and Wed/Thurs in GLA otherwise just give me a call!

M: 086-8223846
T: 01 884 2232