Podge Henry

Podge Henry Vice President for Welfare and Equality

Hey everyone, I'm Padraig (Podge) Henry and I am so excited to be your VP Welfare and Equality Officer for the 2017/18 academic year.

I'm a 22 years old, from Offaly and I studied Communications here in DCU. I have grown so much in my time at DCU and want to ensure you all get the same out of this University as I did.
I was on the committee for three different societies during my time here. A&F Society, Enactus and Esoc, the biggest society in DCU history. I have also been at the heart of society life from taking part in RAG's 'Rag Rumble Boxing', presenting 'Iron Stomach' and volunteering at 'HeadstARTs'. DCU has so much to offer from the social to the volunteering, the sporting to the academic. I can't recommend getting involved enough, as the more you put in the more you get out.

DCU has given me so much and now its time for me to give back. We are spread out over all three campuses and representation for the students will always be there. If you ever need advice, help or just want to chat, the SU is the place to go. I want to ensure every student feels comfortable coming to us for any issue and knowing that even if you can't discuss an issue with one of us, there are four more who would be happy to help.
I would be more than happy to listen to any student who wants to talk, as that to me is the main role as Welfare and Equality Officer, ensuring everyone gets listened to. 
If you ever need me I'll be in Glasnevin campus on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and St Pats Tuesday and Thursday. I will also be on All Hollows Tuesday mornings. Don't hesitate to say hi.

E: welfare@dcusu.ie
M: 086 604 1244
T: 01 700 5652