Brendan Power

Brendan Power Vice President for Academic Affairs

Hey, my name is Brendan Power. I am thrilled to be your Vice President for Academic Affairs for the coming year.

I am originally from Kilkenny and have just finished my degree in Business Studies. The friends and experiences I have gained during this time have really left their mark on me. The vast majority of these have come from my experiences outside the classroom.

DCU really does cater to everyone’s needs and whether your journey is just beginning or almost ending I cannot emphasise enough the importance of and benefit from saying yes to new experiences and challenging yourself during this year more than any other.

I was Chairperson of DCU’s largest ever society, the Enterprise Society, with over 3,000 members and pushed myself to attend and participate in as many events as I possibly could over my time here. College is a unique time in your life, but is totally what you make of it. Trust me say yes to that trip to the place you’ve never heard of, or the training session of a sport you’d only dreamed about.


Feel free to chat to me whether its in the cafe, in town or strolling around campus. We are here to help you through your DCU journey and enrich it on a day to day basis

M: 086 173 7104
T: 01 700 5546