Siobhán Nic Thaidhg

Siobhán Nic Thaidhg Vice President for Engagement & Development

My name is Siobhán and I am very excited to have been elected the second ever Vice-President for Engagement and Development on your Students’ Union.

I am from Co. Leitrim and I studied the old DCU Joint Honours programme of Media Studies and Irish. I had all of my lectures on the Glasnevin Campus for 1st and 2nd year and for final year I had my Irish lectures on the All Hallows Campus and I studied Media on the Glasnevin Campus.So I am a perfect example of a multi-campus student.

From the moment I came to college I have been very involved in college life. I have sat on countless committees including Cumann Gaelach DCU, Raising and Giving Society (RAG)  DCU and the Society Life Committee (SLC). I have performed in DCU Drama productions entered DCU Style competitions and even went through a phase of playing Ultimate Frisbee. In Final Year, I became a Class Rep before running for this position. There is something for everyone in DCU. I made most of my friends outside of the classroom. That’s why the role of VP Engagement and Development is perfect for me. I want to share with students the absolute value of getting involved. It will change you as a person and open up opportunities that you’d get nowhere else. I love performing, hiking, water sports anything outdoors and baking.Take advantage of the facilities and supports offered to you in DCU. From us in the Students’ Union, to Student Support and Development (SS&D) to your lecturer, there is always someone to talk to. Bottom line, get involved, be engaged and have the best experience that you can have.

I am so eager to improve the presence of DCU SU on all campuses. We have a really exciting rota in place which will involve the five of us moving around all three campuses throughout the week. I am all about making sure we are more visible and more accessible to students. I want us to be out of the office and on the ground as much as possible. During the elections I realised that not enough people were aware of our services. My position is only a baby, I am the second VP Engagement and Development on the Students’ Union and I am very aware of that. One of my main goals for the year is to gain  recognition for the role and to lay the groundwork for next year. I realise that it will take a while for this to happen but I am so ready to make a start.



My areas of focus this year will be the Class Rep system, Clubs and Societies, Volunteering, Sustainability, the Irish Language, SU Awareness and Union Development. I am responsible for the recruitment, election, training and retention of class reps. I must make students aware of the extra curricular opportunities available to them. I am the point of contact for welfare issues on the St. Patrick’s Campus. I have a very keen interest in improving the merchandising of DCU SU and the overall brand. I am very excited to be an ambassador for the DCU Healthy, a new initiative looking at DCU becoming healthier campus wide. I am further interested in engaging better with the loccal community. At the moment we tend to react rather than build relationships with them My involvement with RAG’s social projects in the area would have inspired this in me.

I would love you input and ideas on anything I have mentioned. Most of all though, pop in to me for a chat! Remember, we are here for the good times as well as the bad. I am on the St Patrick’s Campus on Monday and Wednesday and I am on the Glasnevin Campus on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


I can’t wait to meet you all!



M: 086 8223835

T: 01 884 2231


M: 0868223835
T: 01 884 2231